dougandersonx300I grew up in Farmington.  Ten years ago, my wife and I moved back to Farmington to raise our children because of the high quality of life, parks, open space, trails, and the close community feeling.

I attended Seton Hall University, and received a Bachelors degree in Business, and later a Masters degree in Communications.  I worked previously overseeing the Contact Center for store operations companywide for JC Penny, and I currently work with Discover Financial Services.  I know business, and I want to bring good businesses and employers to Farmington and Davis County.

I share the concern that our city planning is headed in the wrong direction, especially with West Davis Corridor, which is bad for Farmington, whether the freeway is on Shephard Lane or Glovers Lane.  As a City Council member, I will preserve our future quality of life through better land use planning.  I support a better alternative, the Shared Solution.  Almost everyone in Farmington commutes to work outside of Davis County.  We need a better quality transportation plan, not just more highways.  As a City Council member I will work with UTA and UDOT to improve transporation with better mass transit.  I have ridden FrontRunner to work almost everyday.  Better mass transit, with more trains and buses will reduce congestion on our roads, and improve our air quality.   I see land use and transportation planning as the two most important issues facing Farmington.  I will work to keep Farmington a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  I want it to be a wonderful place to raise my family!


3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. I need the following info before my wife and I mark our ballots.
    Who is your Dad?
    Where are you on the political spectrum? Liberal – 1, Conservative – 10.
    Where are you on the city government spending spectrum? Zero based budgeting or start from what we spent last year and add. I know this one is difficult to answer but take your best shot.

    1. M. Blair Armstrong,

      Great questions. Thanks for viewing my website. My dad and mom are Richard and Nada Anderson. I grew up right by woodland park. In regards to my political spectrum I am conservative. Government spending is a great debate. I would like to look at first what we spent last year and review revenue channels. Based off what we spent last year I would identify a budget. I would review the budget on a quarterly basis and make adjustments as necessary that fit the needs of the Farmington residents.

  2. With all the new state sales tax we’re getting, are you planning on spending it or giving us a tax reduction?

    I know there are a lot of wants / needs. I’m looking for someone who will commit to reducing taxes yearly. 2-3,4% is all I’m looking for. It’s to let me know you are thinking in the same direction I am. More money, lower taxes, not more spending.

    How do you feel?

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